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! 3D Character Studio & Modelling !

3D Character Studio & Modelling

Character Studio is the latest release of the powerful extension to 3D Max, the world's best-selling professional 3D animation and modelling solution. Character Studio 3 provides more ways to build and refine characters than any other product, including groundbreaking new tools for creating crowds. Now you can quickly animate a school of fish, a swarm of bees, or collection of humanoid characters.

PRE-REQUISITE The knowledge of 3D Studio Max is necessary.

    3D Character Studio & Modelling Course Duration - 40 sessions 3D Character Studio & Modelling Course Syllabus - Click here
  • Salient Features

    Can quickly animate a school of fish, a swarm of bees, etc. Can retain total control over how each individual of a crowd interacts with its fellow creatures, the terrain, any dangers or opportunities in the environment. Physique is an incredibly fast skinning system, allowing you to create flesh around the biped bones amazingly quickly. Provides a uniquely rich palette of tools for motion capture, free-form animation and footstep animation. Provides a high quality, cost-effective way to populate your 3D Max worlds with characters that walk, run, jump, and move with incredible personality. Inverse Kinematic pivot points for smooth, natural hand and foot movements. An interactive skinning system Powerful new Motion Flow Editor features for accelerating non-linear animations.
  • Application

    Character Animation Advertising Cartoon films Training Program's for Corporate presentations. Sound addition. Special effects in films.