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BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING - Overview, About Building Information Modeling, About Bidirectional Associatively

EXPLORING THE USER INTERFACE OVERVIEW - The Revit architecture User Interface, The Design Bar, Guidelines for using the user Interface

STARTING A PROJECT - Overview, About The Projects Templates, About The Default Projects Templates, About Revit File Types, About Vector and Raster Data, About Toposurfaces, Guidelines For Starting a New project, Exercise: Start a New Project

CREATING A BASIC FLOOR PLAN - Overview, Creating Walls In a Floor Plan, About Temporary Dimensions, About Drawing Aids, Guidelines for Placing Walls,

CREATING AND MODIFYING LEVELS - Overview, About Levels, Defining Levels, Guidelines for Creating and Modifying, Levels, Exercise: Create And Modify Levels

WORKING WITH GRIDS - Overview, About Grids, Process of Creating and Modifying Grid Lines, Guidelines for Creating and Modifying Grids Exercise: Create Column Grids

ADDING AND MODIFYING WALLS - Overview, About Walls, About Wall Properties, Modifying Walls, About joins, Editing and Preventing Wall Joins, Guidelines for adding and Modifying Wall

WORKING WITH COMPOUND AND VERTICALLY - COMPOUND WALLS, About Compound Walls, About Modifying Compound Walls, Inserting and Modifying Layers, About Vertically Compound Walls, Guidelines for Creating Vertically compound Wall

USING EDITING COMMANDS - Overview,Edit Toolbar, Tools Toolbar, Guidelines for Using Editing Tools

WORKING WITH DOORS - Overview, About Doors, Process Of Adding and Modifying Door, Creating a new Door Type, Guidelines for Working with Doors, Exercise: Add Doors

ADDING AND MODIFYING WINDOWS - Overview, About, Process Of Adding and Modifying Windows, Guidelines for Adding and Modifying Windows, Exercise: Add Windows to Building Model

ADDING AND MODIFYING COMPONENT FAMILIES - Overview, About Component Families, Adding Components, About Modifying Components Families, Creating and Modifying Components Families, Guidelines for Adding and Modifying, Components Families

MANAGING VIEWS - Overview, About Views,Creating and Editing Views, View Templates, Guidelines for Working with Views, Exercise: Explore Views Modify View , Properties

CONTROLLING OBJECT VISIBILITY - Overview, Object Visibility Setting, Modifying line styles, About User-Defined Filters, Using Filters, Guidelines for Controlling Object, Visibility, Exercise: Control Object Visibility

CREATE AND MODIFYING 3D VIEWS - Overview, About 3D Views, About Cameras, Create and Modifying Cameras Views, Guidelines for creating and modifying 3D Views, Exercise: Creating 3D Perspective and 3D Orthographic Views

WORKING WITH SELECTION AND ELEVATION VIEWS - Overview, About Selection Views, About Elevation Views, Guidelines for creating Selection and Elevation Views, Exercise: Create and Modifying Selection and Elevation Views,

WORKING WITH DIMENSIONS - Overview, About Temporary Dimensions, About Permanent Dimensions, Guidelines for Working with Dimensions, Exercise: Work with Dimensions

APPLYING AND REMOVING CONSTRAINTS -Overview, About Constraints, Applying and Removing Constraints, Guidelines for Applying Constraints, Exercise: Applying Constraints

CREATING MODIFYING FLOORS - Overview, About Floor, Modifying Floors, Guidelines for Creating Modifying Floors

WORKING WITH CEILINGS - About Ceilings, Modifying Ceilings, Guidelines for Adding Modifying Ceilings

ADDING AND MODIFYING ROOFS - About Roofs, Modifying Roofs, Process of sketching Roofs, Guidelines for Adding Modifying Roofs

CREATING CURTAIN WALLS - About Roofs, About Curtain Wall, About curtain Grids and Mullions, Creating Curtain Wall and Modifying Curtain Grids, Guidelines for Creating Curtain Walls, Grids, and Mullions

CREATING CALLOUT VIEWS - Overview, About Callouts, Creating ReferenceCallouts, Guidelines for Creating Callouts

WORKING WITH TEXT AND TAGS - Overview, About Text, About Tags, Guidelines for Working With Text and Tags, Exercise: Work With Text and Tags

WORKING WITH DETAIL VIEWS - Overview, About Detail Views, Creating Detail Views, Process Of saving and Reusing a Detail View, Guidelines for saving and Reusing a Detail View

WORKING WITH DRAFTING VIEWS - Overview, About Drafting Views, Process Of Reusing a Drafting View,Exercise: Create Drafting Views, Exercise: Import a View and a CAD File

CREATING AND MODIFYING SCHEDULES -Overview, About Schedules, About Schedules Properties, Exporting Schedule, Modifying Schedule Files, Guidelines for Cresting and Modifying Schedule, Exercise: Create a Door Schedule and a Door Hardware key Schedule, Exercise: Modify The Appearance Schedule

CREATING ROOMS AND ROOM SCHEDULES - Overview, About Room, About Room Schedules, Adding Room Tags And Calculating Room Volume, Modifying Room Area And Room Volume, Guidelines From Creating Rooms And Room Schedules, Exercise: Creating Rooms And Room Schedule

CREATING LEGENDS AND KEYNOTES - Overview, About Legends, Controlling Legends Visibility, About Keynotes, Linking Keynotes File and Adding Keynotes, Guidelines for Creating Legends and Adding Keynotes

WORKING WITH DRAWING SHEETS - Overview, About Drawing Sheets, Process Of Previewing and Printing Sheets and Views, Guideline For Working With Drawing Sheets

WORKING WITH TITLE BLOCKS - Overview, About Title blocks, Creating and Updating Title block, Guideline For Creating and Updating Title block

MANAGING REVISIONS - Overview, About Revisions Tracking, Creating Revision Clouds, Process Of Creating and Linking DWF Files, Guidelines for Managing revisions, Exercise: Revise a Drawing and Publish a 2D DWF

CREATING RENDERINGS - Overview, About Renderings, Settings for Creating Renderings, Guidelines for Creating Renderings

USING WALKTHROUGHS - Overview, About Walkthroughs, Guidelines for Using Walkthroughs, Exercise: Create and Export a Walkthroughs

USING SUN AND SHADOW SETTINGS - Overview, Sun and Shadow Settings, Guidelines for Using Sun and ShadowSetting, Exercise: Use Sun and Shadow Setting