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Nexgen Certificate in Web Development enables individuals with or without a preliminary knowledge of programming to create website with payment gateways and shopping carts. Incase of non- programmers a basic requirement of C & C++ training is given after which the Certificate Course in Web Development can be undertaken. The Certificate Course in Web Development includes Php training & Mysql also. Nexgen offers a unique style of learning web designing & web development , we have no batches and offer individual based training. Students can schedule their training sessions as learn as per their own pace.

Course Syllabus

HTML5 & CSS 40

Introduction - What is internet ? , Overview of Web Browser, URLs (Uniform Resource Locator), World Wide Web (www), HTML Tools

XHTML Document And Basic Tags - Writing Tools, Structure of an HTML document, Basic tags and Attributes, Body Attributes

Text editing - Text attributes, Marquee tag & its attributes, Headings, Font,Paragraph, Line Break, Ordered and Unordered Lists, Blockquote

Images - Image formats, Image attributes, Alignment of images

Image mapping

Tables - Create a table, Combine cells in a row or column

Forms - Create a form, Accept input and Submit

Special Things - Special Characters, Different graphic formats, Interlacing/Progresive Display, Putting your site Online

XHTML 5 & CSS - Getting a Proper Code Editor and Formatting, Lists, Parent Child Relationships, Putting your site Online, Blockquotes, Anchors, Your First Stylesheet, Clean Project Structures, The Necessity of Divs, Ids and Classes, Assignment, Floats and a Simple Layout, NavigationLists, Introduction to Forms, Image Replacement, Typography Basics, The Difference Between Relative and Absolute Positioning, Images, Creating a Website Fragment, The Importance of Validation

Creating Responsive Website

Media Query

What is Media Queries?

Properties of Media Queries - width/height, device-width/height, orientation, aspect-ratio, device-aspect-ratio, color, color-index, monochrome, resolution, scan, grid

PHP 40

Part I: Working with PHP

Getting Started with PHP-Variables

Assigning Simple Variables Within a Script - Delimiting strings, Assigning arrays within a script, Assigning two-dimensional arrays in a script

Accessing Variables Passed from the Browser - HTML forms variables, Passing arrays, Cookies, Sessions

Testing Variables - isset0, empty0, is_null0, is_int0, is_double0, is_string0, is_array0, is_bool0, is_object0, is_resource0, is_scalar0, gettype0

Changing Variable Types - Variable Variables.

Control Structures

The if Statement - Determining true or false in PHP, Comparison operators, Logical operators, Complex if statement, if…else statements, if…elseif statements

switch…case - Loops, While…, do…while, for, foreach, continue and break

PHP’s Built-in Functions - Function Basics, Arguments, Return values

Function Documentation - Important PHP Functions, String handling functions

Writing Organized and Readable Code - Indenting, Code blocks, Function calls, SQL statements

Includes - Include0 and Require0, Include_once0 and Require_once0

User-Defined Functions - Function basics, Returning values, Using a variable number of arguments, Variable scope

Object-Oriented Programming - Classes, Continued, Object cloning, Destructors, Exceptions

Working on a E-Commerce ( Shopping Cart ) Live Project - Click to view the live project the students would be working with during this course

Synopsis: - The data is stored in Products Table, Supplier Table, Category Table. Each product has a single supplier and single category, Each supplier supplies multiple products under multiple categories

Login Page - The user will be authenticated before they enter the website for the correct username/password, There are 2 types of users Admin / User, the admin would have administrative rights, where as a user will only be able to view the products

Search Page - After login, the user will be directed to a search page, where they can search for a product by selecting the supplier / category name, In advance search, string searches can be done.

Product Result list - This page will return the result of the search criteria, A single page will display the records dynamically from the database, 5 records at a time. Using the Next / Previous button users can navigate through the list of products

Details - Once the user clicks on the product name in the result list page, they are directed to the details page, where user can get the detail information with a image of the product, If the user is an admin, they would be given an option to add / update / delete If the user is not a admin, the following permissions will be disabled.

Add / Update / Delete - Displaying data from multiple tables using forms & Adding / Updating / Deleting data

Security - Extensive use of Sessions / Cookies for security purposes

E-Commerce Module - Once the above project is completed, it’s taken to a next level where the e-commerce module is generated. Multiple Products can be added to the shopping cart, a dynamic bill is generated and user is forwarded to a payment gateway to complete the transaction.


Introduction , Syntax , Data Types , Operators & Expression

CREATE ,DROP, SELECT database ,CREATE table, SQL CONSTTRAINT , DROP table , Insert Query Truncate Command



JOINS : Left join, Right join , Inner join , Full join , Self join


CREATE Table , INSERT Data , Get Last ID , Multiple INSERT

SELECT Data , UPDATE Data , Delete data

Wild cards , DATE functions , Using Views , Indexes , NULL Values , Alias Syntax