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Java is platform independent, reliable Programming language introduced by sun systems, used mainly to Develop Internet applications and applets. Java is used to create web-based applications and allows user interaction on the Internet. Java allows us to have animation, audio and video clippings in our web page. Java Programming helps in writing Programs using which one can connect to any computer on the Internet.

Course Syllabus


Introduction to Object Oriented Programming.

Java Basic: Data types, Object, Arrays, Strings, Operators, Statements, Exception Handling (try-catch-finally).

Classes & Objects in Java: Constructors, destructors, class methods, extending a class, overriding methods, visibility modifiers, abstract classes and interfaces.

Applets & Event Handling: Drawing graphics, reading apple parameters, animation.

Graphical User Interface: Introduction to GUI components and event handling


Introduction to Swing Package.

Input & Output: File operations like creating, reading and modifying a file.

Database Connectivity ( JDBC ).