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! Digital Graphics + 2D Animation !

Digital Graphics + 2D Animation Short Term Kids Course Level I (10-14 Yrs.)

Nexgen provided computer classes for kids , teaching kids Coreldraw, Photoshop.The Kids courses are designed keeping the kids age and interest in mind.

  • Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop is an Image Processing software package that enables you to create & edit images on IBM personal Computers. Adobe Photoshop is acknowledged in professional fields as the cutting-edge Program, the final word in Commercial Art. Photoshop Course Syllabus - Click here

    Salient Features

    With Photoshop's tools you can paint a likeness of a physical object. Mixing and Manipulating of colours at a click of a button. You can Blend 2 Images. You can create Patterns and Artistic Designs using Fills and Colours. You can manipulate your Design images with Special Effects and Techniques. You can Import and Export your Images. Retouch, Manipulate and Enhance Designs & patterns.


    It has been used to edit and create images as diverse as Commercial Art, Cosmetic ads, New Photos, Motion picture footage, Animation cells & Fine Art work. Creates original Art & converts it to desired Platforms. Retouch, manipulate & enhance photographs of Digital arts. Master the special effects you've always wanted. Learn the secrets of Output & Storage of your Images. Web page designing.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

    Dreamweaver is a professional authoring tool for creating and maintaining web-pages. It introduces Adobe's Round-trip HTML technology, that imports HTML documents without reformatting the code and also makes it possible to use the latest Dynamic HTML features. All the code generated by it, work on as many platforms and browsers as possible. Adobe Dreamweaver Course Syllabus - Click here

    Salient Features

    Introduction Of Dreamweaver CC Designing Accessible Table You can Create your web site Creating Web Forms Conveniently access the codes
  • Adobe Flash

    Flash is a vector graphics editor and an animation and authoring tool ideal for creating Animations and interactivity. Flash Course Syllabus - Click here

    Salient Features

    With CorelDRAW you can create Illustrations from scratch, enhance the Designs, use and embellish scanned Photos of your Digital Art, and send your finished work out in many ways. A vector-based drawing Program with extensive text handling and precision-drawing features. Ideal tool for virtually any design project from Commercial Art to technical illustrations, advertisements, publishing and Internet publishing.


    Full-color Design Illustrations. Complex Design Drawings. Commercial Art. Libraries of Designs. High-quality drawngs from low-resolution originals. Web page designing.
  • Sound Forge

    Sound Forge is a world class Program used for Sound Editing, Compression, Special Effects and to superimpose sound on video presentation and animation.

    Salient Features

    You can Record Sound and then edit it. You can superimpose the sound files on Video presentation and Animation. You can compress the sound files. You can give Special Effects to the sound files.


    Sound forge is used by various professionals from the Music and Sound Industry such as Musicians, Sound Editors, Multimedia designers, Game designers, Studio engineers etc.

Course Fee

Course Duration Course Fees Fees (US $)
40 sessions of 1 hr. each 6,500/- $ 185