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! Diploma In Database - Administration [RDBMS] !

Diploma In Database - Administration [RDBMS]

Nexgen Diploma In Database - Administration [RDBMS] aims at providing individuals advanced training in the field of Web designing & Digital Marketing.This course can be taken up by students after 12th, HSc or any such equivalent.Nexgen Diploma In Database - Administration [RDBMS] is a professional course and has numerous career options in the It industry.

Nexgen provides individual based training at our centers, No batches , students can schedule their training as per their time schedule and then mantain the same. This course could take approx one year for completition , however a fast-track option is also avaliable. We also assist with placement options after completion of this Advance Diploma Course in Computer Application.

  • MySQL

    MySQL is one of the most popular open source database management system recognized for its speed and reliability. It is commonly used with web pages. More than 11 million Websites are built around MySQL.

    Current MySQL customers such as eBay, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, and YouTube, SlashDot, LiveJournal are perfect examples of how MySQL is used to organize and store multiple databases that can be quickly accessed by millions of people at once. Mysql Course Duration - 20 sessions Mysql Course Syllabus - Click here
  • Oracle

    Oracle9i is a Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) with Object Relational Database Management(ORDBMS) futures. Oracle9i is the latest technology, which has many new features over previous versions like 8i and 8. Oracle9i comes with new SQL enhancements. Oracle - 50 sessions Oracle Topics Covered - Click here

    Salient Features

    Oracle has sophisticated security mechanisms control access to sensitive data by an assortment of privileges Oracle provides sophisticated backup & recovery routines. Backup creates a second copy of Oracle Data, recovery restores a copy of data from back up. Oracle provides flexible space management. It has special abilities that are capable of handling very large databases. Oracle provides open connectivity to & from other vendors software Oracle server supports a wide range of Development tools, end user query tools, off the shelf applications & office wide information tools After Effects Different from Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere.


    Education Industry Software Development Industry Data warehouse and maintenance Domestic Air Services Production Industry Banking Industry
  • Microsoft SQL Server

    SQL Server, the Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) allows to store huge Database and manage the same easily. It is an enterprise database management and analysis system. Microsoft SQL Server Course Duration - 30 sessions Microsoft SQL Server Course Syllabus - Click here

    Salient Features

    XML Support: Simplify the integration of your back-end systems and data transfer across firewalls using XML. High Availability : Maximize the availability of your business applications with log shipping, online backups. Automated Tuning : Automatic tuning and maintenance features enable administrators to focus on other critical tasks Improved Developer Productivity : User-defined functions, cascading referential integrity, and the integrated Transact-SQL debugger allow you to reuse code to simplify the development process. Security : Ensure your applications are secure in any networked environment, with role-based security and file and network encryption. Data Transformation Services : Automate routines that extract, transform, and load data from heterogeneous sources


    Multinational Companies with huge database to be maintained Banking Industry Production Industry Data warehousing companies Educational / Training Industry Air-transportation Service Industry Any business or service industry that stores database
  • Advanced Excel

    This program is designed for executives who are already familiar with the basics of Microsoft Excel, and who would like to work with more advanced features of Microsoft Excel that help in improving their efficiency of working with worksheets, analyzing data, creating MIS reports, and automating various tasks. Advance Excel Course Syllabus - Click here

    Program Objectives

    Performing complex calculations more efficiently, using various Excel functions. Organizing and analyzing large volumes of data. Creating MIS reports. Designing and using templates. Consolidating and managing data from multiple workbooks.


    Executives and managers who have already been using Microsoft Excel, but now feel the need for learning more powerful features and options of Excel, to manage their worksheet-related tasks more efficiently.


    Participants attending this training should be familiar with the basic operations in Microsoft Excel, such as simple calculations, formatting and printing.