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Nexgen Sheetal Academy is the fastest growing Brand in "English Speaking Institute" sector. Since its inception in 1989 it has trained more than 1.5 million students and has a network of more than 200 centers in Maharashtra, Gujarat, M.P, Bihar, Delhi & U.P.

Around 6 months back Nexgen Sheetal Academy achieved new feat by giving a franchisee in Nepal and now it has become an International Brand .

Getting a franchise of Nexgen Sheetal Academy is very easy, you just need to fulfill some simple conditions mentioned below to become a franchisee of Nexgen Sheetal Academy.

1. The Franchisee has to purchase prescribed sets of books, at the time of starting the institution and a nominal fees of Rs 5000/-(five thousand) towards administration cost.
2. For Rural area the space requirement is around 1000-1200 sq ft and for Urban Areas the space requirement is min 400-600 sq ft.
3. The franchisee should be passionate to teach English and should be an enthusiast.

Features of a Franchisee

The Franchisee is appointed for a particular area/ city/ village of 5 sq. km.
A thorough training is provided to the Franchisee by the Master Franchisee at the nominal fees.
The Franchisee doesn’t have to share any collection from the students or profit.
The Franchisee has to purchase set of books for each student from the Franchisor.
The advertisement at the local level is looked after by the Franchisee.
The returns are very high.

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NexGen Sheetal Academy, the institute specialized in training fluent English speaking to aspirants interested in becoming proficient in English language.

Our institute adheres to highest academic standards.

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