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! SQL Server 2005 !

SQL Server 2005

SQL Server, the Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) allows to store huge Database and manage the same easily. It is an enterprise database management and analysis system.

  • SQL Server 2005

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    Salient Features

    XML Support: Simplify the integration of your back-end systems and data transfer across firewalls using XML. High Availability : Maximize the availability of your business applications with log shipping, online backups. Automated Tuning : Automatic tuning and maintenance features enable administrators to focus on other critical tasks Improved Developer Productivity : User-defined functions, cascading referential integrity, and the integrated Transact-SQL debugger allow you to reuse code to simplify the development process. Security : Ensure your applications are secure in any networked environment, with role-based security and file and network encryption. Data Transformation Services : Automate routines that extract, transform, and load data from heterogeneous sources


    Multinational Companies with huge database to be maintained Banking Industry Production Industry Data warehousing companies Educational / Training Industry Air-transportation Service Industry Any business or service industry that stores database