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The VB.Net certification course helps developers build effective layered application architecture by implementing a Visual Basic solution and by strong naming assemblies with Visual Studio. In this, .net certification course you will learn the basics of object-oriented programming languages using Visual Basic, as the programming language.

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    Student will confidently be able to develop within the visual basic .NET Development Environment and compose sound Visual Basic .NET syntax. The student will develop a basic understanding of object oriental design concepts and within a project, will be poised to take control of any VB.Net code and manipulate objects & design-time & run-time. The student will know the value in variable scope and what the scope of procedures and variables means to an enterprise application. The student will be able to deftly administer projects & properties and work with the base classes within the .NET Frame work. The student will have a foundation understanding of data access and Microsoft's data access paradigm - ADO.NET.

    Salient Features

    A brief history of .Net Backbone of .Net framework. The ingredients of .NET br /> The .NET & web classes Web Services and the next-generation Internet Integration which more than 20 languages Compatibility with commerce server & Biztak Server


    Web solution. Net security ERP solution

    PREREQUISITES (Should have knowledge of)

    Basic programming Experience in Visual Basic is a plus